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Dreik Fuel Pump
DPI Bearings
KYB Shocks and Absorbers
555 Suspension

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Clutch Assembly Kits

Apt Clutch Assembly Kits provide all the relevant components required for easy clutch replacement, as well as a special grease to guarantee perfect functioning. With Apt, clutch replacements can be performed safely and quickly.

Brake Pad Kits

Brakes are the number one safety component of any vehicle. Never neglect your brakes system. Replacing worn-out pads is simple and swift with an Apt Brake Pad Kit. With Apt, you can be sure of the most reliable braking.

Timing Belt Kits

Apt Timing Belt Component Kits offer customers the best and most complete repair solution, with timing belts, pulleys and tensioners as well as a water pump. With Apt, you have everything you need to do the job right, all in one box.

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Genuine OEM Automotive Parts

Apt source only trusted, genuine OEM parts, which allows us to guarantee every part we supply to our clients. With Apt you know you’re getting the most appropriate part for the job – one that you can always rely on to perform it’s task effectively.

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Speed and Affordability

Procuring a part from Apt is quick and painless. With most common parts always in stock, you have guaranteed availability, without the upfront cash outlay and long delays waiting for an off-shore delivery. Apt is the only company that can fulfill your parts needs with both speed and affordability.


Comprehensive and Convenient

We source and deliver only parts you can trust. We have no room for cheap knockoffs or imitation parts that are destined to fail when you need it the most. We go the extra mile to provide delivery services so you don’t have to spend valuable time picking up from our warehouses.

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I’m so glad I got to choose APT services, the speed and care taken to deliver the parts I required were top-notch. Would definetly recommend them to my network.

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We are a world-class, leading-edge auto parts supplier in Nigeria with core competence in supplying genuine, high quality automotive parts with the best waranties in the industry.

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